Bottled Blooms Terrarium & Botanical Gift Shop

Bottled Blooms is a Florida based pop-up garden and gift shop offering terrarium gardens, handmade jewelry, and tabletop plant arrangements.

I'm Wendy, the craftologist behind Bottled Blooms. Bottled Blooms Terrarium & Botanical Gift Shop was established in 2014 and is growing like a weed. Nature has a way of resetting the mind and awakening the soul. I started making terrariums to disconnect from the stresses of life and reconnect with nature. Working with earth's elements I found balance, joy, and creativity. I didn't realized the true depth of this joy until I began gifting my terrariums to family and friends, and that's when Bottled Blooms sprouted.

Bottled Blooms is known for bringing life to interior spaces with tiny whimsical landscapes enclosed in glass bottles, jars, bowls... or pretty much anything you can fit a plant in. Each Bottled Blooms terrarium is filled with love, inspired by all things nature, and created for green and not-so-green thumbs alike.

Whether it blossoms creativity in one's office or a daydream escape from a long stressful day, I hope to plant a seed of joy in other's lives through my creations. Thank you for giving your time to be here and I hope to give back by helping you find a bit of nature, a bit of joy.